What is home watch?  We offer a service that can assist you in preventative maintenance property checks.  Significant damage that occur while your home is vacant.  This can include water leaks, pest infestation and other issues. 

What We Do and Check: 

  • Scheduled inspection of property inside and outside.  Photos of issues found
  •  Windows and doors are secured
  •  Tripped circuit breakers
  •  Heating and cooling operating correctly
  •  Appliances that are connected to pressurized water.  Failed washing machine hoses can cause significant damage quickly
  • Operate appliances such as sink disposal and dishwasher
  • Lights.  Replace bulbs as needed. Additional fee
  • Insect infestations
  • Run faucets and showers
  • Flush toilets
  • Smoke detector batteries changed as needed.  Additional fee
  • Collect mail.  Forwarding can be arranged or left inside.

Additional Services:

  • Pre and Post Storm check
  • Start and drive stored vehicles
  • Interior plant care
  • Outdoor furniture placement and storage
  • Shrink Wrap Outdoor furniture and other areas and items to be protected from winter
  • House sitting - allow access of home to service providers
  • Open house help - suggestions of cleaning and staging with plants, flowers, light scent diffuser  

Home sitting for any scheduled appointments and will inspect work orders after and report to owner.  Open house sitting also available.

We offer a key holder service, we can meet your renters (Homeaway - Airbnb and such) we schedule cleaning for after renters leave and we will walk property and inspect and check list of home belongings and report back to owner. 

Schedule cleaning service for before and after Tenants move in/out. 

Make recommendations for repair companies.